The power of deep peer learning

Boost Sessions tackle specific challenges that keep founders and C-suite up at night. In an environment that encourages meaningful discussions, we'll make sure you get tangible outcomes to implement in your business.

These one-off sessions come in a variety of formats. Depending on the effectiveness for that topic, it could be an AMA, plenary or breakout group discussion. If needed, we’ll turn into a series of sessions on one topic.

A trusting environment to share common challenges and grow together

Tackle specific challenges, instantly

Dive into specific topics
We create bespoke sessions on specific topics. Talent, Capital, Going International, Product, Go2Market, Operations and Personal Development - Leadership.

Collaborate and connect
We connect you to peers in a small and trusting environment. The collaborative nature of the sessions helps participants to open up to share thoughts and connections.

Ask leading experts
Get input from leading experts who have committed to help you grow. They are happy to share their knowledge, experience and personal network. This is our network of experts.

Who can join Boost?

Boost sessions are for scaleup members and the relevant C-suite. Depending on the topic of the session, attendees can be curated. We aim to curate each event to create the most value for everyone.

Some sessions might be specifically for founders, CEO or other C-suite colleagues. Others might be segmented by B2B / B2C or other verticals, company size or scaling phase.

“Boost sessions help to deep dive into a topic with top peers in an efficient manner, as well as meet great founders at the same time. Highly effective!”

Peter-Paul de Leeuw, Founder & CEO Amberscript

“I walked out feeling energized, filled with new insights and practical tips that I could use straight away. I enjoyed the new connections with fellow founders and the meaningful discussions.”

Marieke van Iperen, Co-Founder & CEO of Settly

"The Boost Sessions were truly special. We learn about critical subjects, like Hiring, Fundraising and Operations first-hand from Netherlands' finest. I listen to lots of podcasts, read interviews, but I realized during the sessions that the biggest dilemmas are often too sensitive to make public."

Pieter Smakman, CEO & Founder of Manometric

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