What happened to BOLD?

We’re excited to announce that we’ve evolved into the Techleap for scaleups community. While BOLD served us well, we decided to embrace a new chapter to further enhance Techleap and the experience for founder-led tech scaleups within that.

The Techleap for scaleups community will bring even more value and opportunities to all our tech scaleup founders and the C-suite. Rest assured, this change allows us to steer clear of any potential challenges and continue providing you with exceptional support and resources.

Our commitment to fostering growth and driving meaningful changes in the tech ecosystem remains stronger than ever, and we can’t wait to take this journey with you as the Techleap for scaleups community.

What happens to my current BOLD membership?

Good news, your membership remains rock-solid! As a valued member, you’re still a part of the tight curated community and we’re thrilled to have you on board as we venture into Techleap for scaleups. Your membership carries over seamlessly, but here’s the exciting part - it comes with even more value than ever before. So, buckle up for an exhilarating journey with Techleap for scaleups, where growth and success know no bounds.

Do I need to pay to be part of Techleap for scaleups

Currently, our community operates on a partially funded model by the government, allowing all members to access a range of valuable benefits without any costs. We are proud to offer this foundation of offering a broad network, knowledge sharing, coaching/advice and giving founders and their C-suite a voice in the international tech ecosystem. This is instrumental to scale faster.

However, to sustain and expand even more value now and in the future, we will be transitioning towards a sustainable funding model in future. Members will be notified in advance about changes that would result in any cost to them. If you are interested in contributing financially in the meantime through sponsorship, please contact the team via scale@techleap.nl.

Is this just for founders or can C-level join too?

Techleap for scaleups is a founder-led community, but we want to ensure their C-suite to have access to the knowledge as well. That's why our events, programmes and sessions are designed to cater to various key challenges that founders and C-suite may face. From founder plus C-suite programmes to specific criteria driven initiatives, we’ve got it all covered.

What do I get in exchange for my membership?

Get ready for a powerful network that spans far and wide, connecting you with like-minded industry leaders. Our tailored programmes and insightful sessions are designed to propel you forward, smashing through existing barriers and igniting innovative breakthroughs. Together you’ll have the collective strength to raise your voice as one influencing the tech ecosystem and driving positive change. Together, we’re a force to be reckoned with, and your membership is the key to unlocking boundless opportunities for growth and success. 

Value over profit, now and forever

We are and will remain a non-profit organization, fully committed to our mission of creating value and making an impact in the global tech ecosystem. Value over profit, now and forever!

Is membership renewable annually?

Once you have become a community member, your membership is automatically renewed so long as you wish to continue your membership and so long as you continue to meet the community criteria. Should you no longer meet the criteria (eg. step out of the business operationally, headcount decreases under the minimum etc) you will be notified that you no longer meet the criteria and are given a 6 month grace period, at which point you are reassessed and offboarded if you still do not meet the criteria. 

This is to ensure we are able to guarantee curation of members with their peers. Exceptions to the Founder criteria may be made in some exceptional circumstances where the Founders are inactive and the CEO steps in.