Terms and conditions


  1. Techleap.nl

    1.1. We are Stichting DutchStartHub (hereinafter referred to as "we" or "Techleap"). Our goal is to make the Netherlands the number 1 tech ecosystem in the world. We try to achieve this by providing specific services to advanced start-up entrepreneurs. These services, among other things, include creating and managing an information and knowledge system surrounding the Dutch startup ecosystem.  

    1.2. These general terms and conditions apply to the contractual relationship between us with respect to any services that we provide.

    1.3. Additional terms and conditions apply to various programmes, such as our Rise, Shine, and Dive programmes.

  2. Participation

    2.1. To receive our services you must become a participant, which you can apply for through our online application form. To become a participant you must be A) a matured start-up and B) established in the Netherlands. If you fit that criteria, our impartial admission committee will decide if you are a fit for our services based on other criteria including product market fit, revenue growth, and diverse leadership. This admission committee will let you know as soon as possible whether you will join the community or not.

  3. Services

    3.1. We provide specific services to advanced start-up entrepreneurs, such as our Rise, Shine, and Dive programmes, as well as social events and 1-1 support. These programmes include knowledge sharing and tailor-made sessions with experienced entrepreneurs and scaling experts. On our website, we have set out the details of our current services and we will list any new services in the future.

    3.2. Our main service is our information and knowledge system. The core therefore consists of programme sessions with peers and experienced entrepreneurs. At those sessions we focus on peer learning and we, or experts engaged by us, will share experience on specific aspects of the ins- and outs of (matured) start-ups. Furthermore, a programme session may be provided in the form of a business trip abroad. Programme sessions are non-repeatable.

  4. Fees & Costs

    4.1. Becoming and remaining a participant is free of charge. So are our services, except where we have explicitly indicated otherwise (for example a programme session that consists of a business trip abroad). We will of course inform you in advance if any service involves any fees or costs so that you can decide whether or not you want to accept that service. 

    4.2. That said, in return for the services that we provide, we expect you to: 

    • Be present as either a founder or at a C-Suite level (e.g. CEO or CFO), for such things as programme sessions. If a founder or C-level representative is unavailable to attend a programme session, you must ensure an appropriate member of the senior management team attends. If two programme sessions are unattended in a row we may suspend your access to our services and your further participation in the programme;

    • Actively participate;

    • Provide appropriate feedback; and

    • Work with us for our intake services. These services are a benefit of our services and the programme (sessions), and offer an in-depth objective point of view on your company current situation across several parameters and are conducted by research, a questionnaire, and an interview.

  5. Termination Participation

    5.1. We are all professionals and we are all grown-ups, so we would not expect our relationship to grow sour. However, should you breach these terms and conditions, then we may terminate your involvement in the relevant programme with immediate effect. Depending on what happened, if you are participating in our programmes we may then also terminate such participation. This may for example be the case if you provided false information at your application, you breach any of these general terms and conditions, you mistreat any of our staff or any other participant, or your behaviour negatively affects our services.     

    5.2. If your participation is terminated, you will no longer be able to access or participate in our services. However, we emphasize that any termination of your participation will not trigger any charge or fee. This may only be different where you have caused any damage, or where you have subscribed to or applied for any service that involved fees or costs that we cannot recover (for example any fees for a business trip abroad). We will of course notify you in advance if any service is subject to costs or fees and the effect thereon of any termination of your participation.

  6. Confidentiality 

    6.1. As mentioned above we strive to make the Netherlands the number 1 tech ecosystem in the world. We think that to get us there it is important that any information we or any parties engaged by us (for example experts) provide to you is kept confidential. Therefore, we ask you not to disclose to anyone any information provided to you at or in connection with our services. You can obviously share any information within your company.

  7. Data Sharing

    7.1. We may use your data for the purpose of increasing available funding options for Dutch startups like yourself promoting towards national and international investors. In that context, with your consent, data relating to your business, including personal data that you made available to us through the application form will be made available through a statistical report that will be shared with a limited set of curated investors, to facilitate interaction and/or matchmaking between you and this set of investors. 

    7.2. With your consent, we also share this data with our experts as published on the Techleap Community website. The purpose of this is to have a full understanding of the company when services and connections are offered. 

    7.3. Your data will not be shared with other external or commercial parties without your written consent. For more information about the sharing of data, please refer to our privacy statement.

    7.4. We may communicate with you on certain products and services offered by our event partners.  

  8. Media

    8.1. We are proud to have you in our programme, and would like to showcase this to the world to increase your visibility and that of the Dutch startup ecosystem as a whole. Therefore we may share company profiles, pictures and videos taken during the programme on our online platforms.

  9. Miscellaneous

    9.1. We may make changes to these general terms and conditions. We will timely inform you thereof. Should you not agree to any change, you may of course terminate your participation at any time by notifying us of your decision at scale@techleap.nl.

    9.2. Finally, these general terms and conditions will be governed by Dutch law. Furthermore, although we aim to avoid this, we cannot exclude that a dispute may arise with respect to our services or these general terms and conditions. Should this be the case we will try to settle this amicably. If this would not lead to a solution satisfactory to both parties, each party may take their case to the competent court of Amsterdam.