Meet the 10 tech scaleups joining Rise Batch #12

January 22nd, 2024

The Rise programme is specifically designed for high-potential Dutch tech scaleups that want to take their companies to new heights by breaking through critical challenges.

Three times a year, a carefully curated group of 10 companies join Rise, embarking on an 8-week programme where they tackle pressing challenges through tailor-made sessions with experienced entrepreneurs and scaling experts.

The programme, open to founders and C-Suite executives, also serves as a platform for members to build valuable connections with like-minded peers facing similar challenges. This environment nurtures genuine, meaningful relationships, offering a space where participants can share experiences, support each other, and grow together.

Introducing Rise Batch #12

Archipel Academy

Founded by Omar Zakaria Fouab and Chris Baselmans in 2018, Archipel Academy is a comprehensive learning platform offering a suite of tools for organizational training. The company, headquartered in Zaltbommel, has raised €13M in funding and is used by a number of giants like Unilever, KPMG, and VodafoneZiggo.

C Teleport

Founded by Dmitrii Beliakov in 2017, C Teleport revolutionizes maritime and aviation travel management. Its integrated platform simplifies booking, changing, and canceling marine flights, merging convenience with a focus on user experience. The company is headquartered in Rotterdam and has offices worldwide.  


Founded in 2020 by Maarten Stolk, Bastiaan van de Rakt, Nick Jetten, and Tim Kleinloog, Deeploy provides an AI platform for high-risk applications, focusing on explainable and accountable Machine Learning models. Used by sectors like banking and healthcare, it's headquartered in Utrecht and serves clients such as Bunq and Independer.


Founded by Vincent Franken and Roel Boekel in 2017, Findest is an AI-driven company that specializes in technology scouting. Headquartered in Amsterdam, the company uses its unique AI platform, IGOR^AI, to assist R&D professionals in streamlining their research processes. It aims to catalyze 10,000 innovations in a decade across sectors like chemistry, energy, and semiconductors.


Founded by Robert Vrancken, Hervé Huisman, and Freek Smelt in 2019, Gradyent, headquartered in Rotterdam, is revolutionizing heating and cooling grids with its AI-driven Digital Twin Platform. This innovative solution, used by giants like E.ON and Vattenfall, optimizes energy efficiency, reduces CO2 emissions, and cuts costs, aiming to transform the European energy sector.

NextEnergy BV

Founded in 2021 by Gijs Wubbe, NextEnergy BV helps reduce energy bills by encouraging the use of energy during cheaper periods. The company, headquartered in Utrecht, offers a solution that includes efficiently charging EVs and home batteries, aligning with cost-effective energy usage and providing a user-friendly app for smart energy management.


Founded by siblings Martijn and Floor van Rooy in 2018, Parfumado is a perfume discovery platform with a subscription service and an online shop, headquartered in Amsterdam. The company also provides targeted sampling services for beauty brands through its Rocket Campaigns.


Founded by Tim Oosterbaan, Toine Bastiaans, Henning Heesen, and Jeroen Leenders in 2009, Salesupply is transforming e-commerce with automated customer care and fulfillment solutions. Headquartered in Nijmegen, the company supports over 500 brands, including Coach and Jaguar, with a global network of fulfillment centers and call centers across Europe, North America, and Asia.

Travis Road Services

Founded by Jean-Paul van Damme and Dennis van Veggel in 2018, Travis Road Services, headquartered in Tilburg, streamlines trucking services like parking, washing, and repairs with its innovative online platform. With €5M in funding, it connects service providers with transport companies across Europe, simplifying operations and reducing administrative tasks.


Founded by Lethabo Motsoaledi and Matthew Westaway in 2018, Voyc specializes in AI software for call monitoring in the finance sector. Based in Amsterdam, the company focuses on enhancing regulatory compliance and reducing QA costs. To date, it has monitored over 30 million calls, significantly improving operational efficiencies and customer experience.

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