for ambitious scaleups

Rise is for scaleup founders looking for their big breakthrough. In 8 tailor-made sessions, we connect you with peers and leading experts, creating a trusted environment to share and tackle growth challenges together.

Rise connects you with experts who can provide valuable guidance and insights to help you make informed decisions and avoid potential pitfalls.

Any Techleap for Scaleups community member can apply for the Rise programme. Both founders and C-suite are welcome. Every quarter, we will select 10 highly motivated scaleups to join the newest batch of Rise.

Apply for Rise Batch #14

Applications for Rise Batch #14 are now open until 3 September 2024 for a selection day on 12 September and a 26 September kick-off.

Email scale@techleap.nl if you have questions about the upcoming batch, or want to schedule a call.

With Rise, we've helped +100 tech scaleups achieve breakthrough growth

Rise programme criteria

A committee consisting of a Rise Alumni, the Techleap Special Envoy, a Rise expert veteran, and the Community lead curate each Rise batch with the following criteria in mind:

• Diversity in company types & no competitors within the same batch
• Diversity in founders and other participants
• Disparity in size can not be too big

Hard criteria

  • A (European) HQ in the Netherlands

  • Product-market fit

  • €3M+ in funding raised or in ARR

  • Clear path towards internationalizing

  • 20+ FTE

Tech criteria

  • Data, cloud, soft- or hardware tech as value creation

  • Technology as clear differentiator

  • Employ >30% technical talent

Soft criteria

  • Looking to expand headcount in the next 12 months

  • Seeking to raise significant capital to expand their business

  • Revenue growth >50% YoY

  • Diverse leadership

The Structure of the Rise Programme

Over 8 weeks, you’ll have a kick-off dinner, 6 weekly sessions around a specific topic, and a wrap up event.

Batch #14 schedule

  • Kick Off: 26 September

  • Session 1: 1 October (Talent)

  • Session 2: 8 October (International)

  • Session 3: 15 October (Capital)

  • Session 4: 5 November (Go to market)

  • Session 5: 12 November (Product)

  • Session 6: 19 November (Operations)

  • Wrap-Up Day: 28 November

Phase 1: Application & Kick Off

Applications kick off three times a year. Applicants complete an online application, which is reviewed by a committee consisting of a Rise Alumni, the Techleap Special Envoy, a Rise expert veteran, and the Community lead.

Based on criteria and cohort alignment, 10 companies are selected for the programme. They are first invited to a kick-off session and dinner to establish expectations and get to know each other.

Phase 2: Programme sessions

Founders are invited to 6 sessions covering various topics with relevant scaling experts. Sessions are based on the pressing challenges that founders submit, with each week focusing on a different theme: talent, going international, capital, Go2Market, product, and operations. Founders are also encouraged to invite relevant C-suite team members to participate.

Phase 3: Closing and community engagement

At the end of the programme there is a wrap up session, where participants will get to share their key learnings. Participants will be invited to Rise Alumni sessions to maintain connections with other participants and ensure new challenges can be addressed as they arise.

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Learn from seasoned entrepreneurs and C-suites

We bring in seasoned entrepreneurs and industry experts for insights and input. With a wealth of experience, they can help to quickly identify opportunities and blockers in your scaling journey. They will also give you honest feedback on your current challenges so you can immediately reshape the direction of your business for next steps.

Pieter van der Does

How Pieter van der Does made Adyen one of Europe’s largest fintech unicorns. He talks about the company’s hiring strategy, their approach to raising investment, and what makes Adyen unique in the payments industry.

Corinne Vigreux

With more than 30 years of entrepreneurial experience, Corinne Vigreux, founder and CMO of TomTom, joins Constantijn and Joe to share the scaling journey of TomTom as well as the business learnings she has gained throughout the years.

Michiel Muller

Michiel Muller⁠, founder and CEO of Picnic, takes us through his entrepreneurial learnings and shares his vision for the future of Picnic and the online supermarket industry.

Gillian Tans

Gillian Tans - former CEO & chairwoman of Booking.com - about the company’s scaling story: from its early growth stages to its first billion in revenue

Derek Roos

We discuss with Derek Ross the topics of raising funding, building an egoless 'tribe' culture, and establishing the right growth moment for conquering new markets. Listen in to learn about Derek's most successful decisions he's made throughout his founder career.